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Overview of Scholarships

The College of Letters & Science welcomes incoming and continuing students to apply for scholarship opportunities created by the support of our donor friends.  The undergraduate scholarships program provides support to students who intend to receive a degree from the College of Letters & Science.  With over 63 majors, special degrees in Journalism; Music; and Applied Math Engineering and Physics; the College of Letters & Science strongly supports the role of a broad and deeply educated citizenry.  Letters & Science graduates use this strong foundation to flourish in their chosen careers. 

Although there are many scholarships there is only one application to complete to be reviewed for scholarships.  Continuing students apply each fall and high school seniors apply by the beginning of February.  All applications are accessed using the Scholarships@UW-Madison system. There is no application for current freshmen or first year transfer students.  Students will not match to scholarships if the application is not in an open period.  It is recommended that students check the site often for opportunities.

Most applications require written essays, a letter of recommendation, and résumé or profile activities. Test scores and the student record are accessed directly from the academic information system.

Applications are evaluated using the Letters & Science criteria rubric.  Selected applications are matched to appropriate scholarship awards.  Applicants rarely receive multiple scholarships in the same cycle. The College of Letters & Science strongly supports the university‚Äôs commitment to increasing need-based aid and scholarships to provide increased affordability and access to undergraduate students.

There are scholarships and award processes in addition to the incoming freshmen application and the continuing student application processes.  Check in with your major department and explore the Scholarships@UW-Madison website.