Incoming Freshmen:

 Scholarship Awards Update: 05/09/2017

All scholarships offers have been awarded. The applications of WI residents will be kept on file in case additional funding becomes available. There will be future opportunties to apply for scholarships in your Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years. We wish you every success and hope to see you at SOAR this summer. 

General Information

Thank you for your interest in the College of Letters & Science scholarships program.  We hope that you consider the College of Letters & Science a great home to explore your interests, follow your passion(s), and earn your degree. Applying for scholarships and other financial assistance can be complicated with a different process for each institution. At UW-Madison the college scholarship application process is completely separate from the admissions application process. Please review the information below.

All incoming freshmen Letters & Science application processes are closed for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Explore scholarship opportunities through the Scholarships@UW-Madison portal.  After submitting your admissions application to UW-Madison activate your net id here, You will need your 10 digit campus id to set-up an account. Once you have your net id and password just log-in to You can answer a few questions and be matched to the scholarships for which you are eligible. You can exit the site and your work will be saved until you return and submit your application.

 Non-resident incoming freshmen are considered for Letters & Science undergraduate scholarships directly through submission of the UW-Madison admissions application. No separate college scholarships application is required for non-residents (including international and Minnesota students) intending to enroll in the College of Letters & Science. There are only a few scholarships available to non-resident Letters & Science incoming freshmen (less than 10) and most have a financial need preference. 

Scholarships for incoming freshmen available through the College of Letters & Science Undergraduate Scholarships program are awarded to students intending to obtain a degree from the College of Letters & Science. Students planning to complete degrees from the schools of Business, Nursing, Pharmacy, the College of Engineering or another college will not be considered.

Approximately 70 scholarships are available for incoming freshmen Wisconsin residents ranging from $500 - $8,000.  In addition, there are two full cost of attendance scholarships.

Most scholarships are for one year and students can apply each year during the first term of their second, third, and fourth years of college. Do not be discouraged, students have many opportunities to apply for scholarships past the freshmen year both at the college level and once the student has declared a major.