Enrichment Resources:

    • The Career Initiative

    • Research - The best way to obtain a research opportunity is to talk with your academic advisor, or a professor or TA in one of your courses. Often they can give you ideas about faculty who are working within your area of interest. You can gain research experience for course credit through a research program, an independent study, or as a paid research assistant. For those interested in science, Wiscience is great option.

    • Internships - Internships are a great way to get “real-world” experience and explore your interests. Ask your academic advisor and professors about opportunities, and visit your school or college career service center (next page).

    • Study Abroad - Living and studying abroad provides a rich experience to see the world and gain new perspectives.

    • Student Organizations and Government - Student organizations and student government are great places to develop leadership skills, experiment with new interests and gain valuable experience working with others.

    • Leadership - Take advantage of leadership training and resources provided by professionals and student peers. Document your experiences by participating in certificate or transcript programs. Be sure to take a look at the Willis L. Jones Leadership Center.

    • Service and Service Learning - Most scholarship and award entities expect scholars to engage in service. The Morgridge Center can help you find a service experience that fits your interests. Service grants are also available.

    • Honors and Scholars Programs - School and College programs that add value to your education and provide academic challenge, camaraderie, programs, and meaningful connections to faculty.

    • Scholarships - Be sure to check for opportunities at the department, school/college, and university level. Honors programs and societies often have scholarships and awards available only to their members.