Continuing Students:

You are encouraged to apply for scholarships.  Putting together materials, asking for recommendations, and writing essays prepare you for many other competitive processes that enhance your future opportunities.  What you learn about yourself through these processes will make you a better student, employee, and citizen.  You are able to articulate your strengths and identify gaps and challenges.  Although you may not be awarded a scholarship every time you will be prepared to apply for more and more opportunities.

Scholarships at the sophomore (2nd year), junior, and senior level recognize achievement and offset financial need.  Each fall the College of Letters & Science opens a general application for continuing students who are full-time and have at least two semesters of enrollment in UW-Madison courses.  Applicants are considered for many scholarships through one application. 

Students are notified by the end of the fall semester with payment posted in the beginning of the spring semester.  Please review the Letters & Science criteria.  Donor preferences are also followed in the finalist awarding cycle (geographic, GPA, academic level, etc.).  The College award approximately 125 scholarships through the general application process each year.  The awards range from $500 to $3,500.

The College of Letters & Science runs several scholarship competitions.  The time lines are general listed here.  Explore scholarship opportunities through the Scholarships@UW-Madison portal.  Check with your major(s) department advisor to inquire about upcoming opportunities.

The College of Letters & Science is grateful to all the donors that make these awards possible. In this light students who are awarded scholarships are required to write thank you letters and attend functions with donors.  There is an expectation that when able the student will give back in some way in the future.  It is important to the College to grow scholarships for Letters & Science students.